The Truth About Trash

Trash Is Truth started as a website to document the Colorado punk scene through flyers that had been gathered over the years by me and some of my friends. Initially, I wanted the site to represent a 10-year period from 1977-86, but I decided to extend it into the 90s and add records, fanzines and newspaper articles to the collection, something that would have been a huge undertaking, and I had no appetite or experience that would have made that possible with a website. WordPress seemed like the logical next step.

The desire to document the Colorado punk scene through flyers runs parallel with another project: Rocky Mountain Low.  In 2009, Joseph Pope and I released Rocky Mountain Low – a compilation documenting the late-1970s punk scene in Colorado (and Wyoming) in its entirety.  You can check it out here.


Trash is Truth?  It’s the slogan found on the cover of Boulder’s White Trash E.P., but it’s  appropriate in the context of what’s documented here.  I always liked flyers and still grab them to this day, yet I think of them as ephemeral pieces of artwork, each with an expiration date.  Once a gig is done, flyers are tossed, pulled down or left to decay on the wall or lamp post where they were hung.  Trash.  With the passage of time, however, they become the critical time stamps documenting past events. Truth.

1983 White Trash ps front